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pellek merch and custom made backingtracks + mixing/mastering for singers

About PelleK


I'm a YouTuber, singer and actor from Norway. I spend most of my time making videos for my YouTube Channel where I upload original music and cover songs (usually in Japanese). The best way to listen to my music right now is probably Spotify, as everything is sold out in my shop at the moment. I have my own line of condensor microphones (the same ones you see in my youtube videos), and when I have restocked you can get both microphones, merch and signed posters or CDs. However at the time everything is sold out. The main use for this page right now is to provide an affordable backingtrack/instrumental and mixing/mastering service to musicians and cover artists, but if you are looking for merch or PelleK gear feel free to get in contact and we can put you on a waiting list for 2023.


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