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The backingtrack service has gotten a website
of its own!
Click here to go to

A message from PelleK in regards to the changes to the backingtrack service:

Alright, hey! So..! If you found your way to this part of the website, it's either because of a YouTube

link, or because you are an existing backingtrack customer.

This backingtrack service is something me and my team worked on for more than 7 years, and

over time it's become almost a full-time job for the main person making all these backingtracks, my

good friend "Gisha". He makes most of my YouTube backingtracks as well since the start, and that's how we
ended up working together for all this time. A few months ago Gisha told me he was going to be a father

(amazing :D) and I thought it's time he takes over this operation completely, so he's not reliant on me

to decide things or stand in the way  of the growth of this service, which is getting really popular.

So, I gave this whole Backingtrack business to Gisha, and he's working on it the same

way he always has, with no changes for you. The only changes are that he gets all the revenue and does

all the work, and has the freedom to run the business as he wants. I felt it was the right thing to do

now that he is going to have a family to support. I personally also order backingtracks from

Gisha just like you do for my YouTube videos now, so the tracks you get are the exact same quality

as the ones I order from him.

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