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Backingtracks on demand

Want to release your own covers on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon mp3 and more?

After having recorded more than 700 songs over the last decade my production team has found a really effective way of making backingtracks, and for only a fraction of what you'd pay to book a regular recording studio, they'll hook you up. The mixes will hold the exact same quality as all of my own covers.


Please note: We recommend having a Soundrop account in order to submit your cover songs for digital distribution. You can click here to sign up if you don't have a Soundrop account yet.

This is a service to help aspiring musicians and youtubers have backingtracks. Please keep in mind that these rates are only possible because we create these backingtracks as a team who's worked for more than ten years in the youtube climate where you need to produce fast. A producer spends several hours making these backingtracks, so please don't see these rates as a reflection of what other producers will charge.

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